Best of HHS in 2016

By Lindsay Pacheco

Every year at HHS there are school events students are excited about. Whether its clubs, sports games, pep rallies, or prom, students are always willing to participate.

Recently, we interviewed students to determine what they think were the top activities of 2016. Here are the results:

  1. Pep Rally
  2. School Spirit Week
  3. Water Fountains
  4. Football Games
  5. Clubs

There are also some activities that didn’t get as many votes. If you believe any of these deserve to be talked about, let us know in the comments section below!

  1. College Fairs
  2. Prom
  3. The Plays
  4. Field Trips
  5. The Futsal Tournaments
  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Presentation
  7. Graduation
  8. Mock Election
  9. The Winter Concert
  10. AP Classes
  11. Cheer Competition Wins
  12. Basketball State Sectional Champs!
  13. The New, Improved Morning Report
  14. Penn Relays
  15. Journalism (we just put this in here to make Mr. Ryan feel better)

Best Albums of 2016

By Hailey Russo

The year 2016 has not been such a good year in general but it’s been a great year for new music. Many people agree that the music we’ve received throughout the year has been exceptional.

To remember the enjoyable music we have received this year here’s a list of the top five albums of the year. Feel free to leave a comment below if you think there’s something that we missed or if you agree with the list.

Top 5 Albums of 2016:

  1. Views- Drake
  2. Anti- Rihanna
  3. Lemonade- Beyonce
  4. Trapsoul- Bryson Tiller
  5. Tie between 25- Adele and Purpose- Justin Bieber


Best Recording Artists of 2016

By Lindsay Pacheco

In 2016 a variety of breakout artists hit the Billboard Hot 100 list, whether they have been around for awhile or recently made a come back with a hit new song or number one album.

Recently we asked students to pick their top five. If you think we should have included some other breakout artists let us know in the comment section below. Here are the results:

  1. Lil Uzi Vert
  2. Chance the Rapper
  3. A tie between Zayn Malik and Rae Sremmurd
  4. The Chainsmokers
  5. Also a tie between Halsey and A-Boogie


Best Movies of 2016

By Hope Ortiz

This year was filled with many top blockbuster films. Ticket sales for these entertaining and captivating movies skyrocketed in the box office and were raved about for months (though box office sales were about a billion dollars stronger last year, according to Box Office Mojo).

Recently, we interviewed HHS students asking what they thought were the top movies of 2016. If you think another movie should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

Here is what they voted (ranked from most votes to least votes):

  1. Deadpool
  2.  Finding Dory
  3.  Captain America: Civil War
  4.  Doctor Strange  
  5.  Suicide Squad
  6. Rogue One (just added!)

Best Hip-Hop/R&B Songs of 2016

By Damani Eason

With 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on the hottest songs that came through our headphones or on the radio this year. Most songs on the list were played constantly throughout 2016. If you think another song should be on the list let us know in the comments below. Here are the results:

Top Songs of 2016:

  1. Formation by Beyonce
  2. Fade by Kanye West
  3. Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd ft Gucci Mane
  4. X Biih by 21 Savage and Metro Boomin ft Future
  5. Side to  Side by Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj


Career: Psychiatrist / Skylar Werner

As teenagers, it is a major responsibility and life-changing decision to choose a major to study in college and a career you want to pursue. As the year is coming to an end, the incoming seniors should give some thought over the summer to their interests and how they can make it into a career. If you are still unsure and still haven’t done much research, here’s a brief explanation on how to get from here to there over the years.

Psychology is not a job you can get within 4 years of college like any other job. It takes a huge amount of dedication and patience. Psychiatrists, in particular, are mental health physicians and they work with people dealing with many issues such as trauma, mental illness, and addiction. So if this is a job you’re interested in, then here is how you go from a regular high school student to a successful psychiatrist.
Some high schools have a psychology elective you can take to learn more about the field before choosing it as your specialization. After high school, though, a student spends 12 or more years studying.
To become a psychiatrist you need a 4 year bachelor’s degree. There is no specific major that is required, however, many major in Biology and Chemistry. Some other classes a college student is more likely to take are: development psychology, personality psychology, abnormal psychology, life science, statistics, biopsychology, and ethics. The classes that a student should complete are: advanced math, communications, anatomy, and other related fields. And the classes that students are expected to enroll in are: behavioral science, psychopathology, and psychiatry clerkship. All of these classes lead up to the big test that every doctor needs to take. All students need a passing score on the Medical College Admissions Test. Once they pass the test, they can start their residency.
After medical school, students must undergo supervised training. Residency can last from 3 to 8 years. It can usually take place in a clinical/hospital setting. During residency, students learn many new different things about their career. It helps guide them under the direction of licensed psychiatrists.
Residency lasts for a while as a training doctor but once they finish it, they are a step closer to their successful career. Soon as they are done with residency, it’s time to apply for a medical license and a board certification. For a medical license, it all depends on where you graduate from. If you graduate from an MD program, you take the USMLE and if you graduate from a DO program, you take the COMPLEX-USA. When students get their medical license, they can take the board certification test, which they can take as many times as they want until they pass. However, the certification must be renewed every 10 years. Students must take education programs throughout their career to remain certified. So, the schooling never ends.
As soon as you get the education you need and all of the certification you need, you can set out to become a successful psychiatrist! All of your education adds up to how successful you are. If you work even harder after all of your schooling, you can be extremely wealthy. The lowest pay a psychiatrist can make is $61,600 per year and the highest is $187,000 per year. However, the money is not the primary focus. As long as you keep pushing and working harder, you can achieve and reach your goal!

HHS 2016 Fall Pep Rally

By Lindsay Pacheco and Hope Ortiz

All photos by Mrs. Andrews’ Photography students

HHS came together right before Thanksgiving to give spirited support to our athletes, Here’s a glimpse of what happened:

IMG_0203 copy

Sophomores and Juniors showing off their comet pride in the stands!

IMG_9161 copy

IMG_9164 copy

IMG_9167 copy

IMG_9172 copy

Freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior students showing off how they Juju during the dance off. Seniors taking the win!

IMG_9226 copy

Seniors, Calista Quiatchon and Mona Esawy rocking the blue and gold!

IMG_0256 copy

The Comet marching band getting ready to pump up the crowd!

IMG_9198 copy

Our Comet king and queen, Robert Schieli and Allison Bryan.

IMG_0235 copy

Our cheer and football teams got pumped up for the Teaneck game!

The game ended with a Comet 13-0 win. Go Comets!