Allison Aranda Makes Success Happen

By Jessica Ibrahimian

Life isn’t always easy, but it is better to make the best of it. Some believe that when life gets complicated they should give up, but Allison Aranda is a inspiring example for why continuing to work hard is the best option. 

Senior Allison Aranda arrived in the United States at age 11. Ever since, she has volunteered to aid children with their homework after school. She fell in love with being around children and as a result, She strives to become an elementary school teacher.

Allison’s favorite subject is Sociology and her favorite teacher is Dr. Jakubik. Aranda stated, “I like sociology because it’s about human behavior and recognizing why people act the way they do, so in the future I could understand my students better.” Allison is also taking a Careers In Education class with Dr. Jakubik to learn how to be the best teacher she can be to her students. Additionally, she is enrolled in advanced classes this year to gain a high level of knowledge.  

Aranda says,“I have a little sister, which gives me the responsibility to take her to school and back home everyday.” Taking care of a person isn’t that simple. Allison takes care of her sister and she hardly gets to go out with friends. On top of that, she is involved in activities after school such as Going Green, LASA, Spanish Honor Society, plus a part-time job at Dunkin Donuts after school. Despite all her responsibilities, she still gets amazing grades.

Allison would love to get a little more time to herself but she enjoys everything she does, so she feels it is worth it. Babysitting her sister, studying lot, and working to make money for college next year is her main focus at the moment. The positive thing is that she has the support of her parents with any decision she makes.

If Allison could tell her past self one thing it would be: “To follow my dreams, to not listen to anyone but me. Some people come in your life as a blessing and some come as a lesson.”

Her lifestyle changes frequently and she’s always eager to make changes in the world. Allison says she treats people with respect and honor because she thinks they deserve it. Perhaps this is a policy for more of us to live by.

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