SportsView: One Last Look at Super Bowl LI

By Jack Taylor and Chance McCullough

There have been officially 51 Super Bowls in the history of the NFL. After every Super Bowl, the media and the public have always given their input on what in the world just happened. The New England Patriots came up victorious in what seemed to be a cakewalk from the beginning for the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons were up 21-3 at the half. It appeared that the city of Atlanta would witness its first long awaited championship. But, Tom Brady was not going down without a fight. They scored 31 unanswered points and won the game in overtime. So here’s what we think.

Jack Taylor: For me, the best part of the Super Bowl was Roger Goodell shaking Tom Brady’s hand and handing the Lombardi Trophy to Patriots owner Robert Kraft while hearing a shower of boos coming down from a jam pact NRG Stadium. Goodell is used to hearing boos from the fans in the draft, but this was something else. For the people who haven’t been following football for the past 2 years, Brady was accused of using deflating footballs in the 2014 AFC Championship game. It was a long process, they even went to Supreme Court, but eventually Brady could not handle the process anymore and accepted a four game suspension. Also, the Patriots organization was fined $1M and lost a draft pick. Winning it all seemed to be his ultimate response to the charges.

Chance McCullough: I think for the Atlanta Falcons this was the worst possible outcome they could have ever imagined. Not only did they lose the Super bowl in overtime, they surrendered a 25 point lead and gave up 31 unanswered points. This was their game to lose and they committed one of the worst choke jobs in the history of the NFL. Once the 4th quarter started they had mistake and mistake and miscue after miscue. Until the Falcons can win a Super Bowl this game will always be remembered and the players are going to have to live with this for the rest of the off season and as long as they play football.