Class Of The Month Named

The Journalism class was named the class of the month for February. They were recognized as “enthusiastic learners” and were presented with the certificate below by Principal Montesano (pictured with class below) and Assistant Principal Lozano.

pic2Picture by Ms. Lozano (how cool is that?)






By Xavier Cherry 

February is a very busy and important time in the NBA and also in the NFL. In the NBA we are slowly creeping up on many important dates such as, the trade deadline, All-Star Weekend, and teams in the playoff race are still trying to make a playoff push. Meanwhile in the NFL, Super Bowl 52 gave us a good game and some solid surprises.

Even though the Eagles had the same record as the Patriots, people looked at them as underdogs and it was like that the whole playoffs. Surprise, the Eagles defeated the Patriots and are now champions.

Even though all eyes were on the Super Bowl, many transactions happened, such as Alex Smith being traded from the Chiefs to the the Redskins. 

Meanwhile, the NBA is reaching the halfway mark of the season as All-Star weekend is approaching. The NBA is trying a new method for the All-Star game, by using a playground style method, as there was two captains who pick the teams.

Trade deadline is also approaching and many blockbuster trades are seeming like they are going to happen that will shake up the league. A big trade just happened recently, as Blake Griffin, former Los Angeles Clipper, was traded to the Detroit Pistons.

Many teams are still pushing for a playoff spot, as the race this year is very competitive.


Swim Team Nets “Meet of The Year”

By Briana Williams

More than half way through the season, the HHS swim team has definitely made some noise. With some unexpected wins and some close finishes, the team has used this as fuel to race harder than they ever thought possible.

For the girls, last year’s four point loss to Passaic County Technical Institute was a tough one. However, this year, with Coach Davis’s continued support and strategic lineup, the team was able to pull out a win with a nail-biting finish in the 400 free relay.

Hackensack’s relay out touched (touched the wall first) PCTIs by 0.01 of a second, and earned them a spot in the newspaper for “Meet of the Year.” Currently the girls record is 6-3, with three more meets to go. The girls took second at the Big North Freedom League Championship, and fourth at the Bergen County Meet of Champions.

As for the boys, Fair Lawn proved to be quite a matchup. The meet was close and came down to the final race, the 400 free relay.

At this point, the score was tied 79 to 79.  Although  Fair Lawn’s 400 free relay touched first, the Hackensack boys’ near perfect starts and finishes helped them while Fair Lawn fell short by leaving the block early and getting disqualified.

Their record at this point in the season is 3-6, and so far better than last year which was 1-11. Keep working hard boys!

Two Individual records and one relay record have been broken this year so far.

Matt Tieleman broke the 50 yard free record, and Briana Williams (yes, this reporter) broke her own 100 yard backstroke record.

The girls 200 medley relay consisting of Briana Williams, Yara Hassan, Stephanie Ross, and Ashley Sloan, broke last year’s record twice this season alone.

This year, Coach Davis will be taking two individual qualifiers (Matt Tieleman and Briana Williams) along with the girls 200 free relay (Ashley Becan, Ashley Sloan, Stephanie Ross, and Briana Williams) to the biggest meet of the high school season, states, on March 3.

Congratulations to Coach Davis and Comet Swimming! Go Comets!

Off Season Volleyball Keeps Students in Shape

By Amaya Tiozon

Every week, between the months of November and June,  HHS hosts off season volleyball. Off season is the chance to practice and keep your body prepared for the upcoming  volleyball season. This activity takes place in the main gymnasium, Howard Bollerman Gym, every Monday and Wednesday from 8 to 10 pm.

With the supervision of coaches Nelson and Winston, two groups are separated by seniors, juniors and sophomores on one court, and freshmen on the other.

Nelson, the freshmen coach, does not work for the HHS, he volunteers to keep the upcoming junior varsity players ready for what’s ahead.

Occasionally, alumnus who’ve had their own experience with volleyball will visit and give helpful tips along side the coaches to help players improve.  

Off season is an open door activity for any those who may find any interest in volleyball without the hassle of any payments, paperwork, or specific grades. Just don’t forget to bring your knee pads!


Skateboarding Trending Topics

By Jonathan Becker 

Skateboarding this month has been quite intense. The trending names in skating as well as the tricks intensify more and more as time goes on. The creativity factor in skateboarding has been played well by all of these people, showing through the video of the people that are on social media, being reposed by to skateboarding brands and networks. 

There is also a part of the skate community being greatly influenced by the outside world. There are rappers and brands that use skateboarding to promote themselves. This stretches from Rich the Kid, Lil Gnarr and Famous Dex. 

Rich the Kid had started a skate team under his label Rich Forever. Lil Gnarr does skate tricks after getting out of a different car each time in all of his Instagram videos. Famous Dex has recently posted about collaborating with internet sensation Roy Purdy. 

Skateboarders see all of this and absorb it. They decide to accept these trends and outsiders into skating and accept them or they reject all of this and ignore it or make fun of it because they find it to be contradicting the main roots of skateboarding which is along the lines of just be yourself despite what others around you are doing or think of you. 

Students Nabbed for Pulling Fire Alarms

By Loren Friedman

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the HHS fire alarm rang approximately five times. Four out of the five alarms were false and pulled by students in the main building, according to administrators.

Two students were subsequently arrested, according to school officials.

According to Ms. Lozano, vice principal for juniors, pulling fire alarms endanger both students and citizens throughout the city.

“All the resources in town are being used for these false alarms and it’s risking other people’s well being and needs,” she said.

The students involved in the incident were allegedly caught on security cameras.

Their actions will not be taken lightly, as it is now a criminal matter, Ms. Lozano told reporters..

As for the punishment of those suspected students, Ms. Lozano said they will be “disciplined to the full extent.”

They now also have to attend a fire safety course, to bring awareness of the danger of their actions, she said.


Opinions: Reactions to the Fire Alarm Pulls

On Jan. 16, HHS experienced four pulled fire alarms. We asked some students to express their reactions.

Here they are:

Amaya Tiozon

What was thought to be an average Tuesday on Jan.16 became a nightmare for students. On this Tuesday, the fire alarm was pulled four times, one after another.

Each time the alarm was pulled, all you could hear was the mix of stinging frustration of all the students who did not want to suffer in the freezing winter temperatures and the joy of those who did not want to be in school.

It became a routine to walk in the school and come back out repeatedly, each time my hands and face were getting more and more red.

I witnessed firemen clearly irritated, discussing with school administrators how to stop the nonsense.

These pulled fire drills were ridiculous and so inconsiderate. Each time the firemen and police came to investigate, I felt bad because some students were causing this annoyance to the emergency works and the administration.

Sekhena Sembenu

On Tuesday afternoon , two 15 year old Hackensack students were caught pulling school fire alarms.  

It was a regular day, no one expecting anything. In the morning around 9 am, HHS had a planned fire drill. Everyone evacuated and followed the procedure. After, everyone returned to homeroom and continued the day.

Then came the five minute time period to get to 7th period, and the first false fire alarm occurred.

Two  fire drills in one day? This couldn’t be possible.

HHS took it as a real fire drill and followed procedures again.

Within about a minute of  arriving back to the school, the third false fire alarm was pulled. At this point,  everyone was frustrated. It was cold and barely anyone had their jacket. Again, students followed procedure.

After arriving back to the school, 7th period was extended 20 minutes.

During the five minutes used to travel from 7th period to 8th period, the fourth false fire alarm was pulled. Now, everyone just wanted to go home. People were so fed up.

As we got back to class, once again,  the fifth false fire alarm was pulled.

With the amount of times the fire department had come, it was embarrassing. We felt bad for them, because these were false alarms whereas there could have actually been a real fire somewhere else.

Students may not realize that after each false alarm the school is fined for false alarms. Two HHS students were arrested and taken into custody.

At the end of the day, this should be a lesson to everyone that pulling a fire alarm is not funny at all. There can be serious consequences. All in all, think about your actions before you follow through with them.

Xavier Cherry

The fire drills yesterday weren’t that bad, in my opinion. I understand that for some people the drills were getting annoying, and that many people were frustrated with constantly having to leave. I, personally, didn’t have a problem with the drills. I was actually happy that I was missing class, and since they were mostly in between periods, I took the extra time to go chill with my friends. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t really mind fire drills.

Carol Cobos

On January 16, HHS students, pulled the fire alarm four times throughout the day, making students leave the building and wait for the firefighters to investigate.

At first, the alarms were funny and a way to get out of class. When the other alarms went off people considered going home because it was getting old. It was really a stupid thing for the students to  do. The hallways were chaotic and loud, it was a big mess. It was also chilly outside and a lot of us were really mad because we didn’t have our coats.


People Are Talking for 1/17/18

Dr. Galiana, senior class principal said, “I love Mrs. Grullon’s energy and enthusiasm. I’ve never met someone with so much energy. Every time I observe her teach, I leave the classroom knowing that her students are learning!! I wish I could take her classes.”                                                                           

      –Ashley Sloan

“I’m very impressed by Gena Kaminski (senior). Not only is she a great athlete that plays multiple sports, but she also has awesome grades too. She is exactly what we want to represent Hackensack High School… a well-rounded student who will make us proud,” said Dr. Galiana.                               

Ashley Sloan

Mariyah Martinez, sophomore, said band teacher Mrs. MacVicar is “a dedicated and passionate teacher who never stops giving back to each and every student that walks through her classroom.”                                             

            –Briana Williams

Erik Rahn, senior, said his metal shop teacher, Mr. Anderson, “is a chill and funny teacher and he really knows how to communicate with his students when helping them in class.”                                                                                                  

 –Madison Rahn

Ashton Dunnings puts a lot of effort into things that he does and his work ethic is admirable. He is a very respectful and polite young man with a very sweet disposition. I am confident that Ashton is going to succeed into whatever path he goes into,” said Spanish teacher, Mrs. Márquez Aponte.                                                                                                                          –Madison Rahn

I really admire Ms. Durso, one of our Model UN leaders, especially her passion and dedication to our club,” said senior Model UN officer, Raisha Almonte, senior.   

  –Angelina Rosado

Ms. Durso, World History teacher, said one of our Model UN leaders, Ms. Curreri, “is an asset to the Model UN due to her expertise in fundraising and motivation.”        –Angelina Rosado

Aveon Oliver, sophomore, stated that his English lab teacher, Ms. Wagman, “is really caring and she truly wants students to do better in her class.”                                                    –Xavier Cherry

Mrs. Desclafoni, Environmental Science teacher, said freshman Dariana Hernandez is “always really positive coming into Environmental Science. Tries her hardest when doing her work. [She] sets a great example for students around her.”                                                                                       

 –Samiha Miah

Brandon Balcacer, freshman, said Mr. Grant, US History teacher, “[He] is a very respectable man but an enigma. He can guide you to your goals and tells you nothing but facts.”                                                                                                              

-Samiha Miah

Marvine Leslie, sophomore, said her Geometry teacher Mr. Hack “is a good teacher and explains the lessons well.”                                                                                                     

Angelica Contreras

Ms. Tracy, Geometry teacher, said, “Alyssa Dunne is the most improved student in the class.”                   

 –Angelica Contreras

Mrs. Lourenco, Chemistry teacher, said that her sophomore student, Leslie Yuqui “is an incredibly kind and devoted student. She exceeds expectations and her work ethic is comparable to no other.”                                     

      – Xavier Cherry

Denyce Balcacer, sophomore, said, The Health office is very kind and understanding. I wouldn’t have them any other way.”                                                                                                 

   –Carol Cobos

Andy Cuzco, sophomore, said, “The Health office is a great comfort for those who are sick.”                               

  –Carol Cobos

Mrs. Kaminsky, math teacher, said, “This week my students will be working on a crime scene at the library,” in reference to her 21st Century Math class.                                    –Erick Espinoza

Reggy Torrejon, senior, said, “I have learned so much about the human mind,” regarding his Psychology class taught by Mr. Cohen.                                                                   

  –Erick Espinoza

Israel Tigre, sophomore, talks about his gym teacher and said, “Ms. Arvizu knows how to get us to try new things.”                                                                                                                   

 –Kelly Toalongo

Mr. Reddan, gym teacher, speaking about one of his junior class students, said, “Melissa Reyes is prepared everyday and brings unbelievable energy to class.”               

    –Kelly Toalongo

Keinyelah Futrell, freshman, said, “Since arriving at HHS, I haven’t been treated badly or anything like that but I just know that if I stay quiet I won’t have anything to worry about.”                                                                                                      –

-Sekhena Sembenu

Ms. Adams, the freshman assistant principal, said, “As a whole, the students make decisions that will correlate to the life they have in the future. They are very goal oriented and driven.”                                                                                              –

-Sekhena Sembenu

Business teacher Mr. Davis said Arlene Gruillion, senior, “has always been determined and focused.”         

 –Josue Cortorreal

Business teacher Mr. Davis said Kyle Meany, sophomore, is “really nice and his last name is really misleading.”                                                                                                                 

Josue Cortorreal

Samantha Suarez, sophomore, said of her Health and Physical Education teacher, Ms. Arvizu is so much fun. She is honestly capable of anything!”                                                    

-Amaya Tiozon

Jennifer Terrero, sophomore, shares that Health and Physical Education teacher, “Mr. Beebe is one of the best teachers in this whole school. His personality, that is dry humor and sarcasm, contributes a major role in my day. His class in one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”                           

   –Amaya Tiozon

Mackenzie Schieli, sophomore, says her Spanish teacher Mrs. Manzur,  “Cares about my grades and helps me to achieve my goal.”                                                                                 

-Wendy Guaman

Jordan Lacap, sophomore, says “Mr. Terzano (English teacher), goes beyond the curriculum and encourages students to think beyond the lesson plan by connecting it to the real world – #notyouraverageteacher.”             

     –Kimberly Meneses

Joshua Marte, senior, says that Math teacher Mr. Rhymer “is a living legend.”                                                          Kimberly Meneses

Mike Mack, senior, says “Coach Grant is a very good leader, wise, very inspiring, and one of the  G.O.A.T.’s at HHS.”                                                                                                            -Kimberly Meneses

Aaliyah Robinson, senior, says “Coach Hodge is a very good dean.”                                                                                 –Kamani Dupree

Emely Tenezaca, sophomore, says “I don’t really know the detective [Dominguez] but he seems nice and he cares about the safety of the students.”                                            –Eleni Tsirikos

Mr. Hodge, Dean, says “Gena Kaminksy (senior) is a very strong student and she will figure out a way to manage time between her athletics and her academics and she is still on a high level.”                                                                   

      –Eleni Tsirikos



People are Talking!



Hackensack High School’s Comet News is premiering a new feature that celebrates our whole community. Come see what is being said now that People Are Talking….

Kayla Aquino, sophomore, says her English teacher, Ms. Dowling, is “the nicest teacher in the entire school.”

-Madison Rahn

Jayla Gabriel seems very interested in chemistry and I appreciate her enthusiasm toward the subject,” says chemistry teacher, Mr. Maselli.

-Madison Rahn

Darren Wilkins, freshman in the school play, Cabaret, says Chorus and Musical Theater teacher who is the musical director of the play, Ms Platte, is “helpful and supportive.”

-Dylan Nicholson

Avery Fearon, freshman, says band teacher Mrs. MacVicar is “a really good band teacher and is always such a big help to the class when there is a problem.”

-Briana Williams

“Mical Davila (senior) is a very dedicated and talented young woman,” says band teacher Mrs. MacVicar.

-Briana Williams

Mr. Davis, marketing teacher, says Dr. Galiana “is very consistent and has very good leadership skills and organizational skills.”

-Ashley Sloan

Dr. Galiana works hard to make sure students are given fair treatment regardless of academic level,” says senior Mackenzie Carroll.

-Ashley Sloan

Anthony Sanchez is a hard working student he comes into class ready to learn and eager to help his fellow classmates,” says chemistry teacher, Ms. Shaw.

-Angelica Contreras

Amari Banks, sophomore, says her English teacher, Mrs. Washburn, is “very chill and laid back.”

-Angelica Contreras

Alexus Smith, freshman, says her assistant principal, Ms. Adams, “is very helpful and will try to get you on the right track in a positive way. She is also very funny and she will try to make you happy.”

-Sekhena Sembenu

Ms. Adams, freshman assistant principal, says her freshman class “has matured since middle school and it’s nice to see their growth with academic focus.”

-Sekhena Sembenu

Nasimeh Salem (senior) says one of the Model UN leader, Ms. Durso, “runs the club amazingly, is very organized, and lets the students be in control of monitoring the club, which makes the experience more real and exciting for me.”  

-Angelina Rosado

Ms. Curreri, Model UN leader, says Paul Del Vechio, (senior) “did a great job at our Fair Lawn conference, since it was very different from any other Model UN meeting, which I thought he handled it very well.”

-Angelina Rosado

Rafeeat Bishi, sophomore, says that her History teacher Mrs. Harrington is a “good teacher who knows how to push her students.”

-Samiha Miah

Mrs. Harrington, US History teacher, says about sophomores: Daniel Chi, Peter Boodhan, and Harvey Fortus, “I have a group of fine young men who are very focused and hardworking. They have very distinct personalities. [They are a] little competitive with each other in a good-hearted way. [They] often ask good questions and add humor to the class.”

-Samiha Miah

Cosette Liosi, sophomore, talks about the Drop In Center and says, “People in Drop In are very helpful and really respect the confidentiality agreement. It’s reassuring to go there and know that no one will know about what you say there.”

-Carol Cobos

Audrey Irby, secretary of the Drop In, talks about Marcelo Morales and says, “he is learning to do things out of his comfort zone by being a morning helper at the drop in center by going to different offices. He is a very kind, courteous and polite person.”

-Carol Cobos

Arianna Fallucca, senior, says “English class this year is lit” in regards to her English teacher Ms. Shaw.

-Erick Espinoza

Mrs. Colacino, Spanish teacher, says, “Period nine class is my favorite class to end off the day,” due to their being so quiet and efficient during the class.

-Erick Espinoza

Ms. Arvizu, gym teacher, says, “Amaya Tiozon is a wonderfully cooperative, nice, and responsible student.”

-Amaya Tiozon

Jonathan Ramos, sophomore, claims, “Mrs. Alvarez is chill with her students” regarding his favorite gym teacher.  

-Amaya Tiozon

Upasna Singh, freshman, talks about her gym teacher Mr. Houser and says, “My gym teacher doesn’t yell at students when they do not participate; instead he encourages them to play the sport.”

-Kelly Toalongo

Jessica Pida, sophomore, is a hard working student and she comes after school for more help on her writing, which helps her improve her writing and to achieve her goal,” says Pre AP English II teacher  Mrs. PapaMichael.

-Wendy Guaman

Ms. Tatgenhorst, Web Design teacher, says, “Ashley Sloan, in 12th grade, is a conscientious and diligent student who will definitely succeed in life.”

-Loren Friedman

Ryan Galbreath, senior, says, “The class that Ms. Tatgenhorst is teaching Web Design and really helped me out for my future.”

-Loren Friedman

Necole Torrejon, junior, says, “She is both nice and understanding as well as enthusiastic when teaching our class and enjoys when her students succeed even when we’re not doing our best,” about her AP World teacher, Ms. Durso.

-Kimberly Meneses

Karla Vazquez, sophomore, says her Honors Spanish 3 teacher, Snr. Colacino, “Breaks down difficult concepts into simpler ones making it easier for the students to understand it. She is always willing to help her students whether it’s after school or during class. Additionally, both her in class activities and lesson plans are insanely helpful and fun. She’s a very compassionate person and teacher that is willing to challenge her students in order to prosper academically. I am lucky to have had her both this year and last year, hopefully next year as well.”

-Kimberly Meneses

Ms. Lozano, Assistant Principal to the Eleventh Grade, says, “He has had a positive impact on the Culture and Climate committee. Additionally, he holds students accountable while also fostering positive relationships with them and supports them both academically and socially. He has definitely been a great addition to our Comet community,” about the school’s new faculty member, Dean Hodge.

-Kimberly Meneses

Maria Diaz, senior, displays drive and perseverance that is not uncommon in students her age. She has overcome many obstacles in her life while maintaining her status as an honor student and is the glue that holds her family together . She will be successful in anything she does and is a role model in our school community,” says Ms. Lozano.

-Kimberly Meneses

Mrs. S. McFadden, Main Office Staff, says “She always goes the extra mile to help someone.” about Mrs. Lozano, Assistant Principal.

-Eleni Tsirikos

Theodore Leakas, senior, says, “I do not know Mr. Hodge that well but he seems really nice and cool.”

-Eleni Tsirikos

Dennis Ballew, senior, says computer graphics and photography teacher, Mrs. Andrews, is “one of the nicest teachers and is always looking out for other people.”

-Jonathan Becker

Mrs. Andrews, computer graphics and photography teacher, described student Arianna Young, as “unbelievably talented, focused, and hardworking.”

-Jonathan Becker

Mrs. Betances, Algebra I teacher, says “Mr. Montesano gives us [the staff] trust and confidence that we are doing our job properly. He holds us to a high standard and expects us to do a good job.”

-Alanis Martinez

“Coming from other schools I feel as if he [Principal Montesano] runs this school better than most that I’ve been to. I really feel at home here,” says senior, Kevon Huntley

-Alanis Martinez

David Gonzalaz, senior, says chemistry teacher, Mr. Pulumbo “He’s good for a laugh” while senior Arianna Falluca says “He can always make me smile”

-Josue Cortorreal