Are You Ready for War- Marvel Style?

By Romina Vasconcellos


The time has come for the release of Captain America: Civil War! A little over two years after Winter Soldier, fans have sold out movie tickets all around the area.

The big question being asked is what team are you: Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

The question can also be interpreted as a debate between use of power: should it be an individual’s choice or the responsibility of a government body?  And if the answer is governmental, what risks arise concerning privacy or exploitation?

Those who side with Captain America believe in human rights which include privacy. His intentions are purely for the potential of leading a “normal life” for superheroes.

On the other hand, Iron Man is all about the monitoring of superheroes’ actions. He wants the government to keep heroes “in check” to prevent catastrophes.

It is up to you to decide what is right and what is wrong!


Gearing up for The Super-Hero Battles: Which Team Are You On?

With DC’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice just days away, and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War not far behind, we thought it might be a good time to discover where you stand; which hero are you supporting? Let us know in the comments section! Meanwhile, here are some early declarations to help you decide…


Elaine Morillo  #TeamSuperman

In the upcoming movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, people taking sides: Batman or Superman.

There are many people against Superman because of the way he was portrayed in Man of Steel. Many were especially upset with Superman because killed someone, but the fact is that Superman symbolizes hope and was put in the most difficult position in the first movie. He willingly saved the entire world while also facing off against his own relative. He owes the world nothing (as his “Earth Mom” Martha Kent says in this new film), but saves us anyway, and has to go to trial as a result. Soon enough, the new movie will allow Superman to build up his character to its rightful reputation and he will help form the Justice League, meaning he plays one of the most significant roles in the DC world.

Alexis Norman #TeamBatman

Whether we know the story of Bruce Wayne’s journey to become Batman from comic books, classic films, or Gotham on Fox, he captures our attention. Batman needs to see justice done and because of that he earns our devotion to his cause. His passion makes Batman more than a superhero; he is also a role model. Young Bruce took the tragic murder of his parents and used it to fuel his pursuit of justice. Over time, Batman grew into something spectacular; apart from being a hero he is a regular person (with a few billion dollars to his name). Many kids have dreamed about being a superhero or being a billionaire. Batman is both. Yet, he is someone the people can relate to. He dreams and plans and puts his pants on one leg at a time (even though he could probably put his pants on both legs at the same time). His status as a non-super-powered, regular person who worked to develop amazing skills is what makes him the hero for whom we want to root because it feels as if we’re rooting for ourselves, and a good percent of the time we are winning.
 Batman is a leader, a friend, a fighter, and a thinker. Batman is a part of all of us in some way, making him the real super superhero for all of us.


Romina Vasconcellos #TeamCap

There is no one as patriotic as Steve Rogers. Captain America has always wanted the best for not only America, but for the whole world too. In the upcoming Marvel film Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man and Captain America clash in a way we could never imagine. The immaturity that sparks the battle has been demonstrated through Iron Man’s actions since the premiere of Marvel’s 2012 film The Avengers. It is clear that Stark has had some type of jealousy towards Rogers since Cap had all his father’s attention in the 1940’s. The idolization of Captain America lived on throughout the remainder of Howard Stark’s life. Although they put their differences aside to fight evil, the tension never left, even while among the Avengers. Iron Man often forgets who has the cleanest moral compass in this situation and this causes Captain to already have an advantage in this battle.


Kylow Spence #TeamIronMan

Iron Man, the man every boy and man wants to be, is a billionaire, is very smart, and he’s a superhero. Iron Man is one of the best leaders in the Marvel universe and helped put together one of the best superhero teams, The Avengers, the world’s mightiest heroes. They say that Captain America is the real leader but we all know Iron Man/Tony Stark is the backbone of that team. This man is equipped with the best suit of armor probably in the galaxy. Iron Man is the face of Marvel; everyone loves him. Anyone who goes up against Iron Man is bound to face his/her defeat no matter what … and on top of that Stark’s going brag about it.

Annise Garcia #TeamIronMan

Iron Man, also known as Tony stark, is a fictional character from Marvel Comics and Entertainment. Tony Stark is an American billionaire playboy, business magnate, and ingenious engineer. He is also a very selfish conceited person but you can tell by the way he acts that he really only wants the best for people in the end. One of the reasons why people should be on Iron Man’s side for the new movie Captain America: Civil War is because the government has made a Super-Hero Registration Act. Iron Man is pro registration act and Captain America is anti-registration act. Some might feel that the Registration Act is a very good thing because it can keep people safe and the government will stay on top of the new superheroes. Iron Man respects that. Captain America, on the other hand, has started to put his “best friend” Bucky before everyone, and is also being selfish in this movie.


The government said that he would be seen as a fugitive and that people will be afraid of him so he should stop what he is doing but he refuses and starts this whole war. One moment from the movie that stands out is when Cap says, “I’m sorry, Tony, he’s my friend (referring to Bucky),” and Tony says, “I was your friend, too.” and they start fighting. Tony might have been selfish in all of his other movies and only thought about himself but now the scripts have flipped and Captain America is only thinking about himself.

Khayla Dixon #TeamCap

Steve Rogers has been fighting for freedom since before World War II, before he was Captain America, before he could even defend himself. He has repeatedly proven through his actions that he is a great leader, willing to do anything, including flying himself into the Arctic Ocean (as evidenced at the end of his debut film, Captain America: The First Avenger) to ensure the lives of the innocent are kept safe.

By choosing Cap’s side we are not only fighting for a extremely trustworthy, more noble character, but also for his very capable team which consists of other powerful heroes such as Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye, and even for the rights of Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. We are cheering for the belief that superheroes should remain free to defend humanity without government interference.

One person on #teamcap is HHS student Owen Lapira, a junior. He said, “Captain America is a better person. Iron Man has repeatedly screwed up and refuses to take responsibility for his actions.” He argues that his statement is supported by Tony’s actions in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Alyssa Martino, a senior, stated, “Captain America is truly better.”

One thing to remember throughout our consideration of which team to side with is that this war is not villain vs. villain, it is hero vs. hero. Side with a true hero …. #TeamCap.

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Kylow America. Photo by Sarah Sturm

So who do you support, Batman or Superman? Captain America or Iron Man? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.