Taking a Chance on New Tastes Can Expand Your World

By `Shianda Palmer

Have you ever found yourself sitting in class and thinking about was food? Or your next lunch period? Or how about how much guacamole you’re gonna get on that burrito from Chipotle?

Food is not only vital to the human survival because of the nutrients that it brings to the body, it also gives people the chance to get together and experience diversity.

No matter the race, gender, or cultural background, people have the ability to taste history and experience life through their taste buds.

You don’t have to travel the world to taste the world (and, being an average high school student, there is a 90 percent chance that you do not have the money to do that), you can simply join a friend at dinner at their own home or stroll on down with a group of friends to a restaurant that you have never been to before and order an unfamiliar dish that you have never experienced.

This will give you the opportunity to encounter fresh tastes, encouraging you to feel a part of the world around you and become happy for allowing yourself to try something new and different.

A delicious meal does not just fill up on someone’s stomach, it also inspires families and friends to come together no matter the occasion. Ever wonder why so many people show up to your uncle’s BBQ or why there are so many people in your house when your mom makes her famous chicken alfredo? ITS BECAUSE …FOOD! Everyone loves to eat regardless of what it is.

So next time you sit at a table in a restaurant be sure to order something that is unfamiliar to you and I can guarantee you’ll be in for a world-expanding treat.

Whats on the Menu? Students favorite fast food

By Breeya Gandy, Tiffany Jones, Aisha Khalid, Joshua Phillips, Hailey Russo, Jessica Williams, Natasha Wilson

“Hey guys, what’s for lunch?” This question, as old as time, has kind of finally been answered. HHS’ Journalism squad asked teachers and students where they like to eat.The answers varied from fast food chains to formal restaurants.

On any given day, people consume burgers, fries, and sodas, which are, for good or ill, the staples of all-American fast food. When it is time to eat, everyone envisions food that is mouth watering and appealing to the taste buds.

When asked the question about preferred food; senior Sepideh Shamouil prefers to eat at Starbucks since she believes that the “food quality is fresh, savory, and appealing. The bagels, smoothies, and drinks are delicious. They also have a wide variety of meals and drinks to choose from.”

On the other hand, junior Austin Campbell eats at Panera “because the environment is mellow and chill and the food is amazing.”

While fast food has been established as the “go to” for the average meal some people choose different ways to receive their food for the sake of quality. The idea that taking extra time to eat a well cooked meal has been lost by some, but encouraged by others. Some people choose to visit an independent restaurant even though it will not have the speedy service similar to that of Olive Garden.

Junior Thalia Andrade chose Casual Habana which sports a mighty impressive 4 star Yelp rating. She said, “They have great Cuban food.” Like Thalia many other people in the HHS family find that alternatives to fast food are best for lunch and dinner.

Sociology and History teacher Ms.Mackey said, “My mother’s house is my favorite place to dine.” When responding to why out of all the places in the world she picked her mother’s cooking she jokingly yet sincerely replied “it’s made with love.” Although in this situation it is difficult to tell whether or not that is her real reason for eating a home cooked meal over fast food one thing is certain.

When the master of own Culinary class, Chef Callie Carroll, was asked about his favorite place to eat fast food, he said the “Casino Feeds, Tropicana Casino, and Resort in Atlantic City.” This is because they “have good service, reservation is quick, and the food is good.” Chef’s answer was very interesting because the places he likes to eat are very rare since many people do not eat that on a regular basis in this fast food nation.

In many cases a person likes to feel a connection to whoever is cooking his or her food. It may be the safety and comfort of a relative or the nostalgic feeling brought by memories of hanging out at a burger joint. Why we choose certain places over others may still be a mystery, even though some people may just enjoy chicken nuggets.  

While some may genuinely enjoy the food served at these fast food restaurants, there is a pattern of people who go to these eateries for the convenience.

For example, junior Clarissa Rodriguez says she prefers McDonald’s “because it has a dollar menu.” McDonald’s famous dollar menu attracts many consumers because of it’s low prices.

As well as this fast food chain’s cheap prices, it’s location is also beneficial to it’s customers. Sophomore Yulisay Manzueta also comments that she likes to eat at McDonald’s because “the service is good and it’s close.”

Many fast food consumers prefer McDonald’s, however, there are some that prefer their competitors for a variety of reasons.

Additionally, Senior Jessica Ibrahimian states that she also prefers Wendy’s because “the food is higher quality than Burger King or McDonald’s. It’s healthier.”

Whether it’s fast food, a fancy restaurant, or old-fashioned home-made meals, one thing everyone has in common is that we all love food.