Button Mash: The End of  Telltale Games


By Tyshawn Murray

       For those of you that don’t know, the game developer known as Telltale makes story driven games based on the choices the player makes, allowing the direction of the story to go different ways. Choices that you make could result in a character’s death, so you may want to be careful of what you choose. These games are released in “seasons” with each season having five episodes being about an hour long and released separately in two month gaps, causing players to wait for each one.

Recently, the company has been struggling due to players not receiving their games all that well. With the structure of their games, players don’t feel that their choices matter all that much. That it doesn’t matter what you choose, everyone will have the same or similar  endings. Because of their struggling, Telltale has fired over 200 employees; only around 25 remain. However, many game companies have offered their hospitality for these former employees, including game developers such as Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, and Blizzard, according to gaming news sources.

Despite their flaws, Telltale has created an amazing game, Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Being the first of theirs to have three seasons that I highly recommend that you play for yourself.

       The first episode of the new season of  Telltale’s The Walking Dead was released back on Aug. 14. This season will be the last we see the fan favorite protagonist, Clementine. Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” has had four seasons and fans are sad to see it end. They have even titled season four as “The Final Season” to make it clear that this video game series is not coming back any time soon.

This season we play as Clementine once more, jumping a few years in the future of the zombie apocalypse.She and AJ are all on their own, fighting for their survival. To their fortune, they stumble upon a group of kids around Clem’s age. As they stay in their company, conflict soon erupts, making for an exciting episode, even leaving off on a cliffhanger. Fans are on the edge of the seats to see what happens next in episode two , titled “Suffer the Children.”

Upon release, what will you choose?

Through the Works of Art

by Dana Vivar

A blank canvas can display an endless amount of creativity and stories. The Starry Night, an extraordinary 29”x 36” canvas, is an oil-based work by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night exhibits a night sky over a small village, with the use of cool shades and yellow with details of swirls all throughout. Van Gogh has an interesting past that led his thoughts to create this world-famous classic.

Van Gogh was a person who suffered from mental health issues throughout his life. He was admitted to an asylum, where the building allowed him to occupy a room for the use as painting studio. It is said that Van Gogh painted from memory, from the view of his stay at the asylum. Van Gogh has made a number of sketches for the painting, however, the Starry Night was the only one set at night. The finished masterpiece was considered a failure at first, but since has become one of Van Gogh’s most famous.

The Starry Night is the one of the world’s most famous paintings, that not only displays a great work of color and detail but has a meaning behind it. It’s advised that if you want to see a classic on display, pack your bags and take a car trip to New York, where it’s exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art. It is always a grand day for a walk in the museum with your family and friends!


by Sophia Serrano

Though delayed by an earthquake in Japan, Nintendo still released their Nintendo Direct- a live stream featuring the news they would like to announce- about a week after the tremors. Nintendo Direct streamed plenty of new content, from remakes being announced to updates to be released in the coming weeks. One announcement really hit because it involved one of the video game company’s most-loved franchises: Animal Crossing.

There were actually two pieces of news. The first was that one of the franchises characters- Isabelle, a dog that works for the player character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf- would be added into Nintendo’s fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The reveal came with much surprise as Animal Crossing is a more peaceful game in comparison to a series of fighting games. The second announcement made was that a new game would be coming out for the Animal Crossing series, dubbed Animal Crossing 2019 by Nintendo. Tom Nook, a tanuki (raccoon) that handles houses in the games, was the star of the teaser as it showed him talking about how if a new game is coming out, he’d better get to work on building houses.

Among the various things that Nintendo announced, Animal Crossing fans were definitely happy with the news that a beloved character would be added into Nintendo’s upcoming fighting game, along with a new game for the series being in the works. It’ll be interesting to see how both situations will develop, but the excitement can only go up from here.

The Comet Staff Reviews 2018 Summer Highlights

The Comet staff took one look back at summer highlights as school gets underway. What was your summer highlight? Tell us in the comments section below.

The car trip all the way down to New Orleans was the highlight of the summer, although I couldn’t remember the name of the pastries I ate.

Kayla Draper, senior

Traveling all the way from Georgia to New Jersey was the highlight of the summer.

-NaJai Johnakin, senior

Trying to get a job and study for the SAT was the highlight of the summer because the plan is to do excellently well on the SAT and a job is a necessity.

 –Kyian Sykes, senior

The warm and hot temperatures during the season was a highlight of the summer, even though the humidity was hard to bare.

-Sophia Serrano, sophomore

Travis Scott’s album Astroworld was the highlight of the summer because it was a masterpiece.

-Jairymar Tolentino, sophomore      

Cooling off on a hot summer day at the beach was the highlight of the summer.

-Jacqueline Regan, sophomore

Going to band camp for marching band was the highlight of the summer, regardless of the hot and humid weather.

-Zak Ishijima, sophomore

Playing in the Eastern Nationals was the highlight of summer because the New Jersey Sparks placed thirteenth out of 200 softball teams.

 – Gabriella Bulger, sophomore

Traveling to Ghana was the highlight of the summer because the food was delicious.

Amma Aning, senior

Having a dog for the first time ever was definitely a key aspect of this summer. A close second? Avengers: Infinity War.

-Mr. Ryan, teacher

Going to California was the highlight of the summer because the weather was beautiful.

-Jason Spezzaferra, senior

The birth of Kulture Cephus was the highlight of the summer because she is record breaking rappers Offset and Cardi B’s daughter and she’s got the world wondering if she looks like her mom or dad.

 -Dayannah Watson, junior

Traveling to different places in the United States was the highlight of the summer for it showed how many admirable things there are in this country.

Dana Vivar, sophomore

Traveling for AAU basketball was the highlight of the summer because visiting different places and seeing the sights was breathtaking.   

-Horacio Honoret, junior  

Traveling to Canada was the highlight of the summer because seeing how different it’s from America is fascinating.

-Brittney Carranza , sophomore

Hackensack Football´s summer practices were the highlight of the summer because it helped the team get bigger, stronger, and faster.

-Najhiem Wellington, senior

Burning Man was the premier music festival of the summer, it was said to enlightened everyone’s point of view and just took everyone’s mind off things

Jose Romero, senior

Searching was the highlight of the summer, as it was a hit indie movie that scored high ratings.

-James Cruz, junior

Drake’s Scorpion was the highlight of the summer because it is album of the year.

-Eric Collins, junior

Countless hours at work and practice all on top of moving was the highlight of the summer of 2018.

-Casey Ochoa, senior

Going to New York with my father was the highlight of the summer.

-Brianna Castillo , senior

Learning to roller skate with family members was the highlight of the summer.

-Kiara Webber, sophomore

Doing the “In My Feelings” challenge was a highlight of the summer.

-Cahlise Smith, sophomore

Drake’s newest album, Scorpion, is one of many summer highlights.  

-Liyah Vazquez, senior

Working at Shoprite was the highlight of my summer because it is important to earn your own money.

Mylika Towles, senior

Going to Myrtle Beach was the highlight of my summer because it was the only thing I did besides sleep in every day.

-Tyshawn Murray, sophomore

Going to South Padre Island was the highlight of my summer because I got to venture around with my best friends independently and meet some new people. Before going, I hated the beach because of the sand and the dirty water but now I’m kind of okay with it.

-Rain Thomas, sophomore

Going to Florida to visit my cousins was the highlight of my summer because I hadn’t seen them in a few years and they have grown and changed quite a bit.

-Ava Wiebe, senior

Having my aunt and cousins come from Israel was the highlight of my summer because I haven’t seen them in four years and it’s also hard to talk to them since it’s a different time zone.

-Skylar Cappucci, sophomore

Learning and performing multiple songs on my guitar was the highlight of my summer because I’ve always been a fan of the instrument especially since my grandfather passed.`

Brianna Van Rensalier, junior

Finally playing through Red Dead Redemption was a highlight of the summer because I finally gave the game I was bored of at first a chance and it opened up to be the best story in a video game.

Noah Caballero, junior

Staying with my cousins in upstate New York was the highlight of my summer because I don’t see them often.

– Paris Boyd, sophomore

The highlight of my summer was going to Florala, Alabama for my family reunion.

-Ayonna Stone, senior

The highlight of my summer was paragliding in the Dominican Republic because I’ve never done it before and it’s the closest I can get to skydiving right now.

-Arianna Celemi, senior

Going to California was the highlight of my summer because I was able to take off a week from work and relax.

-Nicole Pirnat, Senior

Going to North Myrtle Beach was the highlight of the summer because I drove a jet ski, got to see cousins, and do something other than sleep, play video games, and work.

-Ryan Calendrillo, Junior

The highlight of my summer was going to the club with my AAU team down in Ocean City.

Isa Brown, Senior

Going to Made in America seeing Juice Wrld, Meek Mill, and my idol Post Malone was the highlight of the summer.

-Vincent Martino, Senior

The highlight of my summer was going to Florida.     

 –  Carissa Dever, sophomore

The highlight of my summer was working at camp and getting money.

Derek Amoah, senior   

The highlight of my summer was going on roadtrips with my friends.

-Katherine Ramirez, senior

Taking a Chance on New Tastes Can Expand Your World

By `Shianda Palmer

Have you ever found yourself sitting in class and thinking about was food? Or your next lunch period? Or how about how much guacamole you’re gonna get on that burrito from Chipotle?

Food is not only vital to the human survival because of the nutrients that it brings to the body, it also gives people the chance to get together and experience diversity.

No matter the race, gender, or cultural background, people have the ability to taste history and experience life through their taste buds.

You don’t have to travel the world to taste the world (and, being an average high school student, there is a 90 percent chance that you do not have the money to do that), you can simply join a friend at dinner at their own home or stroll on down with a group of friends to a restaurant that you have never been to before and order an unfamiliar dish that you have never experienced.

This will give you the opportunity to encounter fresh tastes, encouraging you to feel a part of the world around you and become happy for allowing yourself to try something new and different.

A delicious meal does not just fill up on someone’s stomach, it also inspires families and friends to come together no matter the occasion. Ever wonder why so many people show up to your uncle’s BBQ or why there are so many people in your house when your mom makes her famous chicken alfredo? ITS BECAUSE …FOOD! Everyone loves to eat regardless of what it is.

So next time you sit at a table in a restaurant be sure to order something that is unfamiliar to you and I can guarantee you’ll be in for a world-expanding treat.

People Are Talking for March 21

Dr. Galiana said, “Briana Palmore is one of my favorites students in HHS!! She is always smiling and she is the definition of a student athlete. Great grades and a superb team mate!! Way to go Briana!!  =)”

-Ashley Sloan

“One of my favorite classes to visit is Mrs. Platte‘s classes. Mrs. Platte is an awesome teacher and she works hard to help the students hone their talents in vocal music!! Kudos!!  =)” said Dr. Galiana.

-Ashley Sloan

Emilee Tsiskakis, sophomore, said Mrs. Papamichael, English teacher, “always seems to care about her students.”

-Madison Rahn

Roxy Wooley, freshman, said Mr. Houser, gym teacher, “is a great gym teacher and is very motivational and encouraging to his students.”

-Madison Rahn

Christina Feinroth, sophomore, said “The Health office is very welcoming to sick students and are very comforting”

-Carol Cobos

Daniel Chi, sophomore, said “Drop In was such a good place for the school”

-Carol Cobos

Rafeeat Bishi, sophomore, said Mrs. Harrington, US History teacher is “genuine about her work and very engaging during class time.”

-Samiha Miah

Ms. Durso, AP World History teacher, said, “Kaylee Landrigan, senior,is a great organizer and very dedicated to the Hackensack Model UN club.”

-Angelina Rosado

Mrs. Curreri, CP World History teacher, said, “Angelina Rosado, senior, does a good job at maintaining the round tables every month.”

-Angelina Rosado

Mr. Terzano, English teacher, said Luna Almshref and Nalya Hodge, sophomores, are both “genuine in their approach to their work, humorous, and insightful on commentary about Julius Caesar.”

-Samiha Miah

Anthony Urgulies, sophomore, said “My spanish teacher, Mrs. Grullon, is very nice, chill person in class, and is fun when she teaches new lessons.”  

-Wendy Guaman


Mr. Hodge said “Gena Kaminsky,senior, is a Phenomenal student athlete and is rated second for the class of 2018.”

-Eleni Tsirikos

Storm Giles, sophomore said, “Mr. Hodge always seems to care about the students and he would help you if you need help.”

-Eleni Tsirikos

Junior Camrein Williams said, “The Hackensack Coaches are the best coaches in the county.”

-Xavier Cherry

Sophomore Aveon Oliver stated, “Mr. Hooper, history teacher, teaches the best history class I have ever learned.”

-Xavier Cherry

Leslie Gomez, sophomore, said “Ms. Lozano is always willing to help students.”

-Kimberly Meneses

Tyler Wild, sophomore, said “Mr. Hooper teaches in such a way that makes it easy for students to understand what is going on”

-Kimberly Meneses


Gabriel Matamoros, sophomore, said, “She’s very helpful and excelled my learning experience on the trombone,” about band teacher Ms. MacVicar.

-Briana Williams

Jennifer Terrero, sophomore, said, “she is very generous and takes interest in all her students,” about band teacher Ms.MacVicar.

-Briana Williams

Nathaly Peralta, sophomore, said “Ms. Shaw, chemistry teacher,is chill and gives a decent amount of work.”

-Angelica Contreras

Leearria Spears, sophomore, said “Ms. DosAnjos, Geometry teacher,is a great teacher and now I understand geometry and i love it!”

-Angelica Contreras

Tiarra Tobias, sophomore, said, gym teacher, “Mr. Walker is a cool guy, he’s pretty intimidating, but he’s still cool.”

-Amaya Tiozon

Paige Neal, sophomore, said, gym teacher, “Ms. Handy has a great way of getting things done and manages to still let us have fun”

-Amaya Tiozon

Jade Lockwood, junior in the school play Cabaret, said that Mr. Gaines is, “very creative and has very good ideas. Works very well with the kids in the play.”

-Dylan Nicholson

Mr. Gaines, English teacher and director of the school play Cabaret, said “It is often difficult taking students that don’t have a dance background and making them dance well. But Ms Michelle Stein makes the students dance well and I think both her and the students are doing a great job.”                                                  

-Dylan Nicholson

Ms. Jakubik, English teacher, said of her student Christian Avila, senior, that “he always uses his creative mind and will always tries his best.”

-Josue Cortorreal

Alberto Alvarez, freshman, said “Assistant Principal Adams is very helpful and kind-hearted.”

-Sekhena Sembenu

Samuel Morales, senior, said, marketing teacher,“Mr. Davis is a laid-back teacher who is extremely nice.”

-Loren Friedman

Nadia Zabady, senior, said, web design teacher, “Mrs. Tatgenhorst is my favorite teacher, and she is the sweetest.”

-Loren Friedman

Angela Munoz, sophomore, said, health teacher, “Mrs. Alvarez is a really fun teacher and always makes gym fun.”

-Kelly Toalongo

La’mya Winns, senior, said english teacher, Mr. Ryan is a cool homeroom teacher and very funny.”                                                                     

-Kamani Dupree

Mr. Montesano is a great leader. He and the rest of the administration make Hackensack feel like home.” said senior Carly Demarco.

-Alanis Martinez

Senior Keven Huntley, said of Principal Montesano, “He keeps the school well organized. I really love it here.”

                                                                                                                     -Alanis Martinez

Class Of The Month Named

The Journalism class was named the class of the month for February. They were recognized as “enthusiastic learners” and were presented with the certificate below by Principal Montesano (pictured with class below) and Assistant Principal Lozano.

pic2Picture by Ms. Lozano (how cool is that?)






By Xavier Cherry 

February is a very busy and important time in the NBA and also in the NFL. In the NBA we are slowly creeping up on many important dates such as, the trade deadline, All-Star Weekend, and teams in the playoff race are still trying to make a playoff push. Meanwhile in the NFL, Super Bowl 52 gave us a good game and some solid surprises.

Even though the Eagles had the same record as the Patriots, people looked at them as underdogs and it was like that the whole playoffs. Surprise, the Eagles defeated the Patriots and are now champions.

Even though all eyes were on the Super Bowl, many transactions happened, such as Alex Smith being traded from the Chiefs to the the Redskins. 

Meanwhile, the NBA is reaching the halfway mark of the season as All-Star weekend is approaching. The NBA is trying a new method for the All-Star game, by using a playground style method, as there was two captains who pick the teams.

Trade deadline is also approaching and many blockbuster trades are seeming like they are going to happen that will shake up the league. A big trade just happened recently, as Blake Griffin, former Los Angeles Clipper, was traded to the Detroit Pistons.

Many teams are still pushing for a playoff spot, as the race this year is very competitive.


Swim Team Nets “Meet of The Year”

By Briana Williams

More than half way through the season, the HHS swim team has definitely made some noise. With some unexpected wins and some close finishes, the team has used this as fuel to race harder than they ever thought possible.

For the girls, last year’s four point loss to Passaic County Technical Institute was a tough one. However, this year, with Coach Davis’s continued support and strategic lineup, the team was able to pull out a win with a nail-biting finish in the 400 free relay.

Hackensack’s relay out touched (touched the wall first) PCTIs by 0.01 of a second, and earned them a spot in the newspaper for “Meet of the Year.” Currently the girls record is 6-3, with three more meets to go. The girls took second at the Big North Freedom League Championship, and fourth at the Bergen County Meet of Champions.

As for the boys, Fair Lawn proved to be quite a matchup. The meet was close and came down to the final race, the 400 free relay.

At this point, the score was tied 79 to 79.  Although  Fair Lawn’s 400 free relay touched first, the Hackensack boys’ near perfect starts and finishes helped them while Fair Lawn fell short by leaving the block early and getting disqualified.

Their record at this point in the season is 3-6, and so far better than last year which was 1-11. Keep working hard boys!

Two Individual records and one relay record have been broken this year so far.

Matt Tieleman broke the 50 yard free record, and Briana Williams (yes, this reporter) broke her own 100 yard backstroke record.

The girls 200 medley relay consisting of Briana Williams, Yara Hassan, Stephanie Ross, and Ashley Sloan, broke last year’s record twice this season alone.

This year, Coach Davis will be taking two individual qualifiers (Matt Tieleman and Briana Williams) along with the girls 200 free relay (Ashley Becan, Ashley Sloan, Stephanie Ross, and Briana Williams) to the biggest meet of the high school season, states, on March 3.

Congratulations to Coach Davis and Comet Swimming! Go Comets!