Best of HHS in 2016

By Lindsay Pacheco

Every year at HHS there are school events students are excited about. Whether its clubs, sports games, pep rallies, or prom, students are always willing to participate.

Recently, we interviewed students to determine what they think were the top activities of 2016. Here are the results:

  1. Pep Rally
  2. School Spirit Week
  3. Water Fountains
  4. Football Games
  5. Clubs

There are also some activities that didn’t get as many votes. If you believe any of these deserve to be talked about, let us know in the comments section below!

  1. College Fairs
  2. Prom
  3. The Plays
  4. Field Trips
  5. The Futsal Tournaments
  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Presentation
  7. Graduation
  8. Mock Election
  9. The Winter Concert
  10. AP Classes
  11. Cheer Competition Wins
  12. Basketball State Sectional Champs!
  13. The New, Improved Morning Report
  14. Penn Relays
  15. Journalism (we just put this in here to make Mr. Ryan feel better)


By Curtis Gaines III

One of the main sources of entertainment for high school students is the Internet, primarily YouTube. With YouTube, students are given the opportunity to watch whatever they are interested in viewing. Many people have taken advantage of the website to promote their skills and talents, including at least one HHS student.

Junior Iris Ocasio began her YouTube career in January of 2016. Her channel, Inspo by Iris, focuses on makeup tutorials. In only four months, Ocasio is closing in on 50 subscribers and as of March 30, her most watched video has 310 views.


Ocasio has always liked doing makeup. Her mother studied cosmetology in college and Ocasio plans on turning her YouTube venture into a professional career.

“Makeup is a form of art,” Ocasio said. “My main goal is to inspire others to see make-up as a tool for self-expression.”

Her goal is also to have between 100 and 150 subscribers by the end of the year and over a 1,000 after college.

Ocasio records her YouTube videos in her room. She started by using makeup that belongs to her mother, but is slowly starting to build her own collection. She also uses less expensive makeup to be more relatable and more accessible to her subscribers.

“Not all makeup has to be $50,” Ocasio said. “The importance of make-up is that the quality is good, not just the name on the product or the price tag.”

The channel has also been a challenge for Ocasio. Besides being a YouTuber, Ocasio is a honor roll student and helped film the spring musical, “Into the Woods”. Because of the demands of her academic workload, Ocasio is only releasing one video a week, but she is careful to remain consistent.

“It’s crucial to upload constantly  for your channel to be successful,” Ocasio said. 

Ocasio’s show “Inspo by Iris” can be found on Youtube.


By Iris Ocasio

More often than not, one will go into a field of study during college and then decide to change his major. Mr. Zisa, who is a multifaceted English and media studies teacher at HHS, was among that group.

He attended the University of California, Berkeley for his undergraduate degree and later received his masters at New York University. However, during his junior year of college, he realized that he did not enjoy film production, and preferred analyzing films.

Mr. Zisa had enjoyed English as a high school student, but never thought of pursuing this passion as a career. However, during that third year of college, he began to substitute at local high schools during the summer for some extra cash. This lead former HHS principal Mr. Porto (who had also been Mr. Zisa’s teacher when he was an HHS AP student) to suggest that Mr. Zisa take a few classes to get his teaching certification, which he did.

After Mr. Zisa had the necessary certification to teach, a position opened up here at HHS for an English teacher and he has been here ever since.

Mr. Zisa also teaches media studies in the TV studio on the third floor, overseeing The Morning Report as well as other video projects.

One of the other aspects of the job that he enjoys is being able to challenge the misconceptions that students have coming in to freshman year.

“I try to inspire a love of literature,” says Mr. Zisa. He says when students groan with reluctance “ugh Shakespeare” it is his duty to demonstrate that “it is kind of fun.”

Additionally, Mr. Zisa co-produces and oversees lights, sound, and videotaping for the school play, including Into The Woods, being performed this weekend at HHS.