By Xavier Cherry 

February is a very busy and important time in the NBA and also in the NFL. In the NBA we are slowly creeping up on many important dates such as, the trade deadline, All-Star Weekend, and teams in the playoff race are still trying to make a playoff push. Meanwhile in the NFL, Super Bowl 52 gave us a good game and some solid surprises.

Even though the Eagles had the same record as the Patriots, people looked at them as underdogs and it was like that the whole playoffs. Surprise, the Eagles defeated the Patriots and are now champions.

Even though all eyes were on the Super Bowl, many transactions happened, such as Alex Smith being traded from the Chiefs to the the Redskins. 

Meanwhile, the NBA is reaching the halfway mark of the season as All-Star weekend is approaching. The NBA is trying a new method for the All-Star game, by using a playground style method, as there was two captains who pick the teams.

Trade deadline is also approaching and many blockbuster trades are seeming like they are going to happen that will shake up the league. A big trade just happened recently, as Blake Griffin, former Los Angeles Clipper, was traded to the Detroit Pistons.

Many teams are still pushing for a playoff spot, as the race this year is very competitive.