Button Mash: The End of  Telltale Games


By Tyshawn Murray

       For those of you that don’t know, the game developer known as Telltale makes story driven games based on the choices the player makes, allowing the direction of the story to go different ways. Choices that you make could result in a character’s death, so you may want to be careful of what you choose. These games are released in “seasons” with each season having five episodes being about an hour long and released separately in two month gaps, causing players to wait for each one.

Recently, the company has been struggling due to players not receiving their games all that well. With the structure of their games, players don’t feel that their choices matter all that much. That it doesn’t matter what you choose, everyone will have the same or similar  endings. Because of their struggling, Telltale has fired over 200 employees; only around 25 remain. However, many game companies have offered their hospitality for these former employees, including game developers such as Naughty Dog, Ubisoft, and Blizzard, according to gaming news sources.

Despite their flaws, Telltale has created an amazing game, Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Being the first of theirs to have three seasons that I highly recommend that you play for yourself.

       The first episode of the new season of  Telltale’s The Walking Dead was released back on Aug. 14. This season will be the last we see the fan favorite protagonist, Clementine. Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” has had four seasons and fans are sad to see it end. They have even titled season four as “The Final Season” to make it clear that this video game series is not coming back any time soon.

This season we play as Clementine once more, jumping a few years in the future of the zombie apocalypse.She and AJ are all on their own, fighting for their survival. To their fortune, they stumble upon a group of kids around Clem’s age. As they stay in their company, conflict soon erupts, making for an exciting episode, even leaving off on a cliffhanger. Fans are on the edge of the seats to see what happens next in episode two , titled “Suffer the Children.”

Upon release, what will you choose?

Through the Works of Art

by Dana Vivar

A blank canvas can display an endless amount of creativity and stories. The Starry Night, an extraordinary 29”x 36” canvas, is an oil-based work by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. The Starry Night exhibits a night sky over a small village, with the use of cool shades and yellow with details of swirls all throughout. Van Gogh has an interesting past that led his thoughts to create this world-famous classic.

Van Gogh was a person who suffered from mental health issues throughout his life. He was admitted to an asylum, where the building allowed him to occupy a room for the use as painting studio. It is said that Van Gogh painted from memory, from the view of his stay at the asylum. Van Gogh has made a number of sketches for the painting, however, the Starry Night was the only one set at night. The finished masterpiece was considered a failure at first, but since has become one of Van Gogh’s most famous.

The Starry Night is the one of the world’s most famous paintings, that not only displays a great work of color and detail but has a meaning behind it. It’s advised that if you want to see a classic on display, pack your bags and take a car trip to New York, where it’s exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art. It is always a grand day for a walk in the museum with your family and friends!


by Sophia Serrano

Though delayed by an earthquake in Japan, Nintendo still released their Nintendo Direct- a live stream featuring the news they would like to announce- about a week after the tremors. Nintendo Direct streamed plenty of new content, from remakes being announced to updates to be released in the coming weeks. One announcement really hit because it involved one of the video game company’s most-loved franchises: Animal Crossing.

There were actually two pieces of news. The first was that one of the franchises characters- Isabelle, a dog that works for the player character in Animal Crossing: New Leaf- would be added into Nintendo’s fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The reveal came with much surprise as Animal Crossing is a more peaceful game in comparison to a series of fighting games. The second announcement made was that a new game would be coming out for the Animal Crossing series, dubbed Animal Crossing 2019 by Nintendo. Tom Nook, a tanuki (raccoon) that handles houses in the games, was the star of the teaser as it showed him talking about how if a new game is coming out, he’d better get to work on building houses.

Among the various things that Nintendo announced, Animal Crossing fans were definitely happy with the news that a beloved character would be added into Nintendo’s upcoming fighting game, along with a new game for the series being in the works. It’ll be interesting to see how both situations will develop, but the excitement can only go up from here.

The Comet Staff Reviews 2018 Summer Highlights

The Comet staff took one look back at summer highlights as school gets underway. What was your summer highlight? Tell us in the comments section below.

The car trip all the way down to New Orleans was the highlight of the summer, although I couldn’t remember the name of the pastries I ate.

Kayla Draper, senior

Traveling all the way from Georgia to New Jersey was the highlight of the summer.

-NaJai Johnakin, senior

Trying to get a job and study for the SAT was the highlight of the summer because the plan is to do excellently well on the SAT and a job is a necessity.

 –Kyian Sykes, senior

The warm and hot temperatures during the season was a highlight of the summer, even though the humidity was hard to bare.

-Sophia Serrano, sophomore

Travis Scott’s album Astroworld was the highlight of the summer because it was a masterpiece.

-Jairymar Tolentino, sophomore      

Cooling off on a hot summer day at the beach was the highlight of the summer.

-Jacqueline Regan, sophomore

Going to band camp for marching band was the highlight of the summer, regardless of the hot and humid weather.

-Zak Ishijima, sophomore

Playing in the Eastern Nationals was the highlight of summer because the New Jersey Sparks placed thirteenth out of 200 softball teams.

 – Gabriella Bulger, sophomore

Traveling to Ghana was the highlight of the summer because the food was delicious.

Amma Aning, senior

Having a dog for the first time ever was definitely a key aspect of this summer. A close second? Avengers: Infinity War.

-Mr. Ryan, teacher

Going to California was the highlight of the summer because the weather was beautiful.

-Jason Spezzaferra, senior

The birth of Kulture Cephus was the highlight of the summer because she is record breaking rappers Offset and Cardi B’s daughter and she’s got the world wondering if she looks like her mom or dad.

 -Dayannah Watson, junior

Traveling to different places in the United States was the highlight of the summer for it showed how many admirable things there are in this country.

Dana Vivar, sophomore

Traveling for AAU basketball was the highlight of the summer because visiting different places and seeing the sights was breathtaking.   

-Horacio Honoret, junior  

Traveling to Canada was the highlight of the summer because seeing how different it’s from America is fascinating.

-Brittney Carranza , sophomore

Hackensack Football´s summer practices were the highlight of the summer because it helped the team get bigger, stronger, and faster.

-Najhiem Wellington, senior

Burning Man was the premier music festival of the summer, it was said to enlightened everyone’s point of view and just took everyone’s mind off things

Jose Romero, senior

Searching was the highlight of the summer, as it was a hit indie movie that scored high ratings.

-James Cruz, junior

Drake’s Scorpion was the highlight of the summer because it is album of the year.

-Eric Collins, junior

Countless hours at work and practice all on top of moving was the highlight of the summer of 2018.

-Casey Ochoa, senior

Going to New York with my father was the highlight of the summer.

-Brianna Castillo , senior

Learning to roller skate with family members was the highlight of the summer.

-Kiara Webber, sophomore

Doing the “In My Feelings” challenge was a highlight of the summer.

-Cahlise Smith, sophomore

Drake’s newest album, Scorpion, is one of many summer highlights.  

-Liyah Vazquez, senior

Working at Shoprite was the highlight of my summer because it is important to earn your own money.

Mylika Towles, senior

Going to Myrtle Beach was the highlight of my summer because it was the only thing I did besides sleep in every day.

-Tyshawn Murray, sophomore

Going to South Padre Island was the highlight of my summer because I got to venture around with my best friends independently and meet some new people. Before going, I hated the beach because of the sand and the dirty water but now I’m kind of okay with it.

-Rain Thomas, sophomore

Going to Florida to visit my cousins was the highlight of my summer because I hadn’t seen them in a few years and they have grown and changed quite a bit.

-Ava Wiebe, senior

Having my aunt and cousins come from Israel was the highlight of my summer because I haven’t seen them in four years and it’s also hard to talk to them since it’s a different time zone.

-Skylar Cappucci, sophomore

Learning and performing multiple songs on my guitar was the highlight of my summer because I’ve always been a fan of the instrument especially since my grandfather passed.`

Brianna Van Rensalier, junior

Finally playing through Red Dead Redemption was a highlight of the summer because I finally gave the game I was bored of at first a chance and it opened up to be the best story in a video game.

Noah Caballero, junior

Staying with my cousins in upstate New York was the highlight of my summer because I don’t see them often.

– Paris Boyd, sophomore

The highlight of my summer was going to Florala, Alabama for my family reunion.

-Ayonna Stone, senior

The highlight of my summer was paragliding in the Dominican Republic because I’ve never done it before and it’s the closest I can get to skydiving right now.

-Arianna Celemi, senior

Going to California was the highlight of my summer because I was able to take off a week from work and relax.

-Nicole Pirnat, Senior

Going to North Myrtle Beach was the highlight of the summer because I drove a jet ski, got to see cousins, and do something other than sleep, play video games, and work.

-Ryan Calendrillo, Junior

The highlight of my summer was going to the club with my AAU team down in Ocean City.

Isa Brown, Senior

Going to Made in America seeing Juice Wrld, Meek Mill, and my idol Post Malone was the highlight of the summer.

-Vincent Martino, Senior

The highlight of my summer was going to Florida.     

 –  Carissa Dever, sophomore

The highlight of my summer was working at camp and getting money.

Derek Amoah, senior   

The highlight of my summer was going on roadtrips with my friends.

-Katherine Ramirez, senior

Taking a Chance on New Tastes Can Expand Your World

By `Shianda Palmer

Have you ever found yourself sitting in class and thinking about was food? Or your next lunch period? Or how about how much guacamole you’re gonna get on that burrito from Chipotle?

Food is not only vital to the human survival because of the nutrients that it brings to the body, it also gives people the chance to get together and experience diversity.

No matter the race, gender, or cultural background, people have the ability to taste history and experience life through their taste buds.

You don’t have to travel the world to taste the world (and, being an average high school student, there is a 90 percent chance that you do not have the money to do that), you can simply join a friend at dinner at their own home or stroll on down with a group of friends to a restaurant that you have never been to before and order an unfamiliar dish that you have never experienced.

This will give you the opportunity to encounter fresh tastes, encouraging you to feel a part of the world around you and become happy for allowing yourself to try something new and different.

A delicious meal does not just fill up on someone’s stomach, it also inspires families and friends to come together no matter the occasion. Ever wonder why so many people show up to your uncle’s BBQ or why there are so many people in your house when your mom makes her famous chicken alfredo? ITS BECAUSE …FOOD! Everyone loves to eat regardless of what it is.

So next time you sit at a table in a restaurant be sure to order something that is unfamiliar to you and I can guarantee you’ll be in for a world-expanding treat.

On the Mysteries Surrounding This Year’s NFL Draft

HHS SPORTSTALK with Jack Taylor and Chance McCullough

Jack Taylor: So the 2017 NFL Draft is this Thursday and as usual the hype has been building. But it’s not as hyped as it is in usual years and hasn’t been hyped for the right reasons.

The two usual stacked classes in this years draft aren’t as stacked, critics are even calling these classes the worst they have ever seen. The Quarterbacks and Offensive Lineman are arguably the most important positions on the offensive side. It’s not that the players are bad, but they are not players that you can rely on to be your franchise players or players that a General Manager would want to sign to a max contract deal.

As a New York Giants fan however, I am excited to see who they draft because the possibilities are endless. If the Giants draft a good defensive player then their defense would be sick, If they draft a good offensive player then they don’t have to rely on the defense as much.

Anyway, I’m excited for the draft because I believe the Giants know what they have to do and because nobody knows who is going where.

Chance McCullough: The 2017 NFL Draft is less than a day away and this year’s draft has the makings of one of the most controversial and mysterious drafts of all time. One of the main reasons this is the case because this draft outside the of the number one pick (even that isn’t a guarantee) is anyone’s guess; the talent is relatively close so we really have no idea what any team is going to do.

As if that wouldn’t have made it interesting enough, there are several really good players that have a bunch of off the field concerns surrounding them which is gonna make teams shy away from them. Mix that in with all of the other mystery and this Thursday night is going to leave a lot a fans scratching their heads and wondering what on earth is their team thinking.

As a Jaguars supporter I can’t even begin to imagine what they are thinking about. This team can go in several different directions because of the number of holes on their roster. This makes it hard to eliminate players from several positions which means anyone could be in play.

I’ll say this, whatever happens Thursday night for the Jaguars and the rest of the NFL, you should have this on your mind, “Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed.”

HHS Fashion Show 2017 Was Big Fun

The HHS Fashion 2017 was held on April 4, and, by all reports, it was a fun night. By all reports everyone looked great. We are going to allow pictures tell the rest of the story.


allegra and Joss

Hope 1

Hope better group

Hope fun

Calista 2

Calista 3

Miriam and Elainnnne

Miriam and guys

Calista 1

sydnee 3

sydnee 1



dude 1

gold suit

orange vest




(Special thanks to students who took these and Ms. Kreuger, who took many of them. Anyone who has additional Fashion Night pictures they would like included in this photo feature, email them to c.ryan@hackensackschools.org)


Op-Ed: We Can All Break the Cycle of Relationship Abuse

By Kimberly Pena

“The summer before I turned six years old, my parents finally got divorced. That seems very odd to say, finally. Most people want a complete family. They want to have their mom, their dad and maybe a sibling or two, that’s how the setup is with average American families. But not mine. I was only six years old and at the time my definition of love was accepting violent words and closed fists. My  definition of love was unhealthy jealousy and infatuation masked by insecurity and selfishness. If you haven’t caught on yet, my parents divorced because of domestic violence. At six years old I saw my  mother be a victim to relationship abuse.”

Relationship abuse is much more common than people think. It affects over two million people a year (http://www.clicktoempower.org/domestic-violence-facts).

And my mom was one of them.

Ever since I discovered this I vowed I would never allow myself to fall into the cycle of what she thought was love and what really was pain, a cycle that many teens in high school fall into as well.

Nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year, according to http://www.loveisrespect.org/resources/dating-violence-statistics/ and most of them don’t even know it. They almost always deny that they are a victim, keeping their eyes closed to what’s truly happening.

Whether it be emotional, mental, psychological, or physical, all forms of abuse are damaging and very harmful to the victim. Abuse changes a person inside and out, and abuse alters the people around them. Changes in the victim include sudden isolation and lost of interest in things they once thoroughly enjoyed. There is a growing lack of socialization and there is a change in their normal personality. The victim insists on covering up with clothing and/or makeup, possibly trying to cover bruises or scarring. He or she no longer shows affection as before, and when a traditional hug is offered, will shy away. Suddenly they’re having mood swings and acting fearful around friends or  acting sad. A friend doesn’t know why, but just wants that old friend back.

Often, these signs are being displayed directly in front of us but we get distracted by the fact that this is high school, and we’ve been programmed to believe that relationship abuse only occurs between adults. We don’t realize that it happens to people in platonic as well as serious relationships in high school, to both friends and associates.

We may also become so absorbed with helping others that we forget to think about ourselves. Toxicity is found everywhere. Abusive people are found everywhere. That friend since sophomore year that is constantly throwing micro-aggressions every day may be abusive. That can be toxic. The girlfriend that is making her boyfriend feel bad for playing football, eventually persuading him to quit the team, may be abusive, and that, too, can be toxic.

There are countless scenarios for abuse in high school and it can happen. We must agree on where the line separating friendship from abuse ends and begins. We must set a precedent of educating our youth to recognize abuse for what it is, and we, as a community, must teach one another to love ourselves before loving others, and to treat others as we would have ourselves treated.

But right now, there is abuse, and so we must set a precedent where we say it is okay to be a victim so you can then get out of it and find guidance, and healing.

At the beginning of this piece I shared my mother’s story, one she shares with people who just happen to ask or who just happen to discuss the topic with her. Had she not left, had she not gotten help, there’s a very good chance I wouldn’t be writing this for you. There’s a good chance my little brother and I could’ve been lost in the foster care system, growing up without one another or a mother.

Many cases of relationship abuse don’t end well, so it is important to help yourself while you can, or help your friend while you can. The time is now, the pain is real.

The HHS Dodgeball Tournament Offers Big Fun … and New Champs

The recent FBLA fundraising event Dodgeball Tournament offered HHS a chance to let off some steam, have some laughs, see some fun competition, and see new champions arise to claim bragging rights around the school.

Ms. Andrews and her Photography class offered this photo essay to document the day.


Ambrose_hhnerfball game20170224_0567

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0137

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0133

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0159

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0451

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0514

Sanchez_HH nerf ball20170224_0478

SportsView: During Spring Training Hope Springs Eternal … For Some

By Jack Taylor and Chance McCullough

Jack Taylor: It’s that time of the year again…. Spring training. Weather gets nicer, grass gets greener, and most importantly baseball returns.

During last year’s season the Chicago Cubs ended a 108 year championship drought by winning the World Series even though it seemed like it was going to be a cakewalk for the Cleveland Indians.

I have not been this excited for Spring Training in a long time. The teams who seemed to have a promising season that ended disappointingly were able to beef up their rosters this year.

My favorite moves include:

The Boston Red Sox acquired lefty phenom Chris Sale from the Chicago White Sox.

Also, the Cleveland Indians, the runner up, signed power hitter Edward Encarnacion who is still producing at a high level even though age is catching up, as he hit over 42 home runs last year.

This is going to be a good year for baseball with playoff caliber teams adding more depth to their rosters and hoping they can dethrone the Cubs and have their own share of success.

Chance McCullough: For the New York Mets, they have a lot to prove in this upcoming season and in spring training.  After losing in the N.L wild card game and being completely decimated by injuries, they enter the season with injury questions, having a logjam in the outfield, forcing management to question whether their starting five can even make it through a season.

How bad is it with the Mets?  After the first days of spring training, injury concerns have already started to have an effect on the team. The Mets starting pitcher Zack Wheeler who hasn’t pitched since 2014 had only one throwing session and was having arm tenderness and first baseman Lucas Duda has started having flare ups in his back that made him miss most almost the entire season last year.

As spring training and the regular season start to get legs and the days go on this New York Mets team will continue to give critics doubt about whether they can legitimately compete for a championship with all of these issues they face.