Destination Imagination Unleashes Student Creativity

By Lindsay Pacheco

Have you ever thought of doing the impossible? Destination Imagination does just that all the time.

The HHS “DI” club, run by English teacher Mr. Terzano, is a gathering of students who create projects they think “could be possible or wacky,” student Abraham Breton explained.

DI lets students embrace their creative side by doing anything they think would be “cool” to use in real life situations instead of daydreaming about it during class. but of course there are a few guide lines.

This past December, they were given the challenge to build a hovercraft as a form of transportation. Instead of just having a floating transportation device they decide to have one side with wheels that you are able to roll around, and by flipping it over and turning on the motor, you would have a floating object.

Taking about four months to complete, they ran into a few difficulties along the way. From the first time they got it up and running they had a slight malfunction.

“When we first turned on the motor it was working great until a few moments later it sort of blew up,” said student Marwan Hassan. After that they learned from their mistakes and worked out all of the kinks by March to get it moving for their first tournament.

During the tournament, they are asked to complete tasks such has having to travel the hovercraft 14 feet back and forth to see whose can go long enough. They have only had one tournament and said they did pretty well. “It was a tough build but we managed to do it,” Marwan said.

Sadly the season has ended. Hopefully we can look forward to more eye opening projects.

There is word in the halls about a possibility of a race between the Robotics team’s robot and Destination Imagination’s hovercraft coming soon in May or June. Stay tuned for updates.
Who do you think will win?



By Khayla Dixon

Mr. Rosenthal, Chemistry teacher and Robotics advisor, began working at HHS in 2015, replacing the late Mrs. Bryan. When asked why he began teaching Chemistry, Rosenthal stated, ”I like sharing new experiences where students can be creative.”

He said he began teaching at Hackensack because “I was excited for all of the potential and the enthusiasm of the students and the availability of the shops. I was delighted by the intellect and kindness of the students and the teachers.”

He also commented on aspects of HHS that differed from his previous school, stating that “students are involved in their academics and (are) enthusiastic.”

Mr. Rosenthal said he enjoyed the Robotics Club because  “it is a great experience for the students to learn new things in a fun and competitive manner. Students enjoy the process of starting with a seemingly impossible task and through hard work, creativity, and learning new skills, (they) are able to preserve while having a great time.”

The results? “So far this season, we have won awards and respect as a strong and growing team,” he said.