Best Movies of 2016

By Hope Ortiz

This year was filled with many top blockbuster films. Ticket sales for these entertaining and captivating movies skyrocketed in the box office and were raved about for months (though box office sales were about a billion dollars stronger last year, according to Box Office Mojo).

Recently, we interviewed HHS students asking what they thought were the top movies of 2016. If you think another movie should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.

Here is what they voted (ranked from most votes to least votes):

  1. Deadpool
  2.  Finding Dory
  3.  Captain America: Civil War
  4.  Doctor Strange  
  5.  Suicide Squad
  6. Rogue One (just added!)

Favorite Movies of the Summer

By Lindsay Pacheco, Demani Eason, Treasure Clarke, Jack Taylor, and Geraldine Castro

With summer coming to an end, it is always a good time to reflect on what we did and what we saw in the theatres.

With epic thrillers like Don’t Breathe, comedies like Central Intelligence, and the reboot of Ghostbusters with an all female cast, there was a variety of films released this summer.

Teenagers not only spent their time at summer parties or at the beach;  there were still a few who actually went out and saw a movie.

Angela Vasquez, a junior, who saw Central Intelligence, explained that it was her favorite movie this summer. “It was funny as heck as soon as you met Dwayne Johnson, a character in the beginning who is portrayed as being the wrong one but is actually his partner. In the film, Kevin Hart’s character plays a major role, in highschool he was a somebody, but then that all changed once he became an adult and now he’s willing to do anything to get that feeling back.”

There are also some students who spent their summer watching classic movies like The Great Wolf of Wall Street, which was watched by Junior Jamila Smith. She exclaimed that this was her favorite summer movie because “it was funny and very inspirational.”

Lucy was another semi old favorite watched by Freshmen, Jessica Bell.

William D’elia, Junior said, “I actually thought Don’t Breathe was fantastic simply because it had such in-depth storytelling. Plus I was sort of happy when the ‘bad boy’ got shot.” William wasn’t the only one that like the epic thriller, Belah Watson, a senior, said “Don’t Breathe was the best movie of the summer. It was a really scary movie and it was exactly like the trailer made it out to be. It had my heart racing from the suspense and everything was unexpected. I was completely satisfied at the end, I was basically screaming my lungs out.”

When asked about the best movie of the summer Matthew Tieleman, sophomore, said, “I saw Purge, Suicide Squad, and Nerve. My favorite was Nerve.”

           Who can’t get enough of superheroes and villains? Ryan Morales, sophomore, said the only movie he saw was Suicide Squad.

The world has waited thirteen years for a sequel of Finding Nemo and Daniel Harrington, a sophomore, made sure he saw it. “The best movie this summer was Finding Dory by far.”

Justin Bendezu, sophomore, said, “My favorite movie was Lights Out.”

Kerri Neuman, sophomore, had a short list to chose from,“ I only saw the movie Lights Out.” she said.

Ashley Pulla, senior, said “Suicide Squad was the best movie by far and it was an awesome movie.” Her response after that, and I quote “it’s lit.”

Ashley Salinas, senior, said “the new Ghostbusters movie was a personal best movie for me. I liked it because it had my favorite band soundtrack in the movie.”

Jenny Reyes, said “Bad Moms is my favorite comedy movie of the summer. It was a very funny movie. One of my favorites actress Mila Kunis starred in it, that’s why I liked it.”

Sam Alicea, senior, said, “ Nerve, it was a good movie that’s why I liked it. Personally, Dave Franco is a hot actor.”

Kathy Zumba, a freshman said, “Suicide Squad was one of the best movies this summer.”

Herman Velazquez, also a freshman, thought Suicide Squad was a great movie.

Along with superhero and supervillain movie fans, there are horror movie fans like, Maya Tiozon, a freshman, said,“I liked Don’t Breathe.

Freshman Jessica Ball, also enjoyed the movie Lucy. Although this movie was released a few years back, she still very much enjoys this action packed thriller every time she watches it.

      Yet again another lover of  fantasy/crime films, Brianna van Rensalier, freshmen came back saying she liked the movie Suicide Squad.

Students aren’t the only people who go out to the theater to see a movie. A handful of our faculty members actually got out of the house this summer and have their own opinion.

Mr. Capone, a History teacher said, “Captain America: Civil War, because it was the right blend of action and story. The special effects were amazing and seeing the truly amazing Spider-Man on the big screen was awesome.” Even though the movie was released the beginning of May, he felt there wasn’t another movie over summer break that could  compare.

Also, Mr. Zisa, English teacher, also considered Captain America: Civil War the movie of the summer because “it was basically a summer movie.”

Teachers like to laugh too! Mrs. Ferrante, Biology teacher, said Bad Moms was her favorite movie of the summer because, “secretly every mom is just like them.” She explained it was a movie of laughter and not just mothers should see it.

Two popular movies this summer were Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters. Mr. Gaines, English teacher, didn’t think they were all that. “The only movies coming to mind are Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters. Both of those movies were a disappointment, because it was a pretty disappointing summer.”

Going along with that negativity on the summer movies. Mr. Wexler, History teacher, had something to say as well. “I didn’t think any movies were worth watching.” Out of all the movies released this summer and have been raved about for weeks, not one interested Mr. Wexler in any way.

Overall, with superhero movies on the rise in recent years, movies like Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad (which was a DC super villain spinoff), Suicide Squad was seen by six out of the 25 people who were surveyed and all exclaimed that it was the best summer movie except for one faculty member who disagreed (see above).

Another major film that people loved was X-Men: Apocalypse. People raved about this movie being the best. Who could forget about the original superheroes? The Ghostbusters which was recently rebooted with an all female cast. Also, comedy was one of the genres on top with the hit movie Bad Moms having everyone in tears laughing.