Teacher Profile: Ms. Krueger

Caroline Krueger
Ms. Krueger

By Iris Ocasio

In life, some of the many influential people that we face are our teachers. These educators have also had people guide them at one point. At HHS, many teachers are in charge of carrying out more than one subject. For example, Ms. Krueger, who teaches CP English 2 and AP English Language for seniors.

Being a teacher takes patience, dedication, and passion. Ms. Krueger believes that her students are the ones who consistently motivate her.

She states, “They always have different ways of looking at things, different ways of expressing their ideas.”

Ms. Krueger, in addition to being energetic in class, she also sends her students positive vibes through her Instagram account where she posts daily quotes and reminders for her classes.

Sometimes, people believe that they were destined for a particular path in life. On the account of Ms. Krueger, she believes that she was fighting the decision to become a teacher.

She states that, “I loved being a student from the time that I was in Pre-K, I loved school.”

Despite this, she first went into the publishing industry after graduating from Montclair State University. Due to her admiration for books, she assumed that it would be a satisfying career. However, the environment did not suit her liking. Afterwards, she ceased to resist and pursued a career as an educator.

“I didn’t want to go into teaching just because it was something that was familiar to me,” Krueger said.

Familiarity is just the perfect combination with her, though. Ms. Krueger loves that she gets to educate others on the things that she is passionate about, like language and literature. Ms. Krueger believes that her mother was her most significant inspiration to become a teacher due to the fact that she was an educator as well.

“I grew up helping her prepare bulletin boards, watching her grade papers, and watching her plan lessons,” Ms. Krueger states.

As a student, Ms. Krueger was motivated by her professors in college. Today, she tries to be sensitive to the feelings of her students. She aims to design creative assignments and give them her own personal flair.

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By Khayla Dixon

Mr. Rosenthal, Chemistry teacher and Robotics advisor, began working at HHS in 2015, replacing the late Mrs. Bryan. When asked why he began teaching Chemistry, Rosenthal stated, ”I like sharing new experiences where students can be creative.”

He said he began teaching at Hackensack because “I was excited for all of the potential and the enthusiasm of the students and the availability of the shops. I was delighted by the intellect and kindness of the students and the teachers.”

He also commented on aspects of HHS that differed from his previous school, stating that “students are involved in their academics and (are) enthusiastic.”

Mr. Rosenthal said he enjoyed the Robotics Club because  “it is a great experience for the students to learn new things in a fun and competitive manner. Students enjoy the process of starting with a seemingly impossible task and through hard work, creativity, and learning new skills, (they) are able to preserve while having a great time.”

The results? “So far this season, we have won awards and respect as a strong and growing team,” he said.


By Gwyneth Moodie

          Some teachers are funny, some are serious, some are intense Dr. Jakubik isbusy.

An HHS alumni, Dr. Jakubik is an English, Careers and Communication, Speech Communication, and Public Speaking teacher.

She says she has always wanted to be a teacher ever since she was a little kid. To be completely honest, when she was younger, the first job she wanted was a Physical Education teacher, but that job didn’t work out.

Since her gym teacher career didn’t work out, she studied to be an English teacher. Dr. Jakubik confirmed that she works very hard to accomplish everything she does, and she only gives her best work. She tries to make English enjoyable by making it relatable to her students.

She wants to know what students are interested in so she can try and incorporate that into her teaching, to try and utilize everyday life experiences as examples.

Continuing the theme of busy, Dr. Jakubik has many successful careers. She is an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, an HHS soccer coach, and a teacher at HHS.

One could only imagine how she keeps up with all of these jobs, but she never seems stressed when you see her, she’s always happy or excited to teach something new.
Dr. Jakubik also exercises every single day, so she “hardly has anytime to herself or for sleep.”

She gets her inspiration from her friend Mark, about whom she says, “He is very intelligent and he includes technology into everything he does.”

The friends attended graduate school together and earned their master’s degrees together, so they’re very close.

Dr. Jakubik is a very busy woman, but she still tries to inspire her students and keep a positive attitude everyday.



By Iris Ocasio

More often than not, one will go into a field of study during college and then decide to change his major. Mr. Zisa, who is a multifaceted English and media studies teacher at HHS, was among that group.

He attended the University of California, Berkeley for his undergraduate degree and later received his masters at New York University. However, during his junior year of college, he realized that he did not enjoy film production, and preferred analyzing films.

Mr. Zisa had enjoyed English as a high school student, but never thought of pursuing this passion as a career. However, during that third year of college, he began to substitute at local high schools during the summer for some extra cash. This lead former HHS principal Mr. Porto (who had also been Mr. Zisa’s teacher when he was an HHS AP student) to suggest that Mr. Zisa take a few classes to get his teaching certification, which he did.

After Mr. Zisa had the necessary certification to teach, a position opened up here at HHS for an English teacher and he has been here ever since.

Mr. Zisa also teaches media studies in the TV studio on the third floor, overseeing The Morning Report as well as other video projects.

One of the other aspects of the job that he enjoys is being able to challenge the misconceptions that students have coming in to freshman year.

“I try to inspire a love of literature,” says Mr. Zisa. He says when students groan with reluctance “ugh Shakespeare” it is his duty to demonstrate that “it is kind of fun.”

Additionally, Mr. Zisa co-produces and oversees lights, sound, and videotaping for the school play, including Into The Woods, being performed this weekend at HHS.




By Jesse Sanzari

Mr. Davis, coach of the girl’s field hockey team and co-ed swimming is a dynamic force here at Hackensack.

Usually a relaxed, down to earth person, Mr. Davis is more like a mentor to his students than just a teacher. A funny side is seen by the students’ and athletes who enjoy his usually calm demeanor.

But a fierce side emerges when he coaches swimming.

His inspiration in becoming a teacher is a background in lifeguarding. Mr. Davis began lifeguarding at age 16 and realized he had a passion for it.

He graduated from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in business management. He is currently in graduate school at New Jersey City University working toward a masters in Educational Technology.

Mr. Davis decided to become a teacher after working in sales and marketing for two years, but his background in coaching swimming and lifeguarding inspired him to become a teacher.

Mr. Davis says that his students motivate and inspire him, especially when he gets to see them succeed and seeing the “light bulb going off” in his students.

Currently, Mr. Davis teaches marketing and principles of business classes at HHS.

Changing instructions and methods for each individual student pushes Mr. Davis as a teacher. He enjoys seeing his students go to college and come back to visit.