Best Shows to Watch on Netflix

By Hope Ortiz, Samantha Alicea, Michelle Steidle, and Daniella Sanjlaj

Recently, we interviewed students and staff members here at HHS about their favorite things to watch on Netflix.

Despite the fact that people have different interests and not everybody said the same thing, a majority of people tend to prefer shows they are able to binge watch. This includes programs with several seasons or Netflix originals that put out an entire season at once, that way people can sit on their couch for hours and be content.

While interviewing the students,we’ve noticed that many thought the best shows were One Tree Hill, the Flash, and Arrow. Sophomore Sneha Kafle said she likes the show Arrow because “it teaches a lot of life lessons and I just like watching the show.”           

Evernae Smith, also a sophomore, said she likes to watch The Flash because “it’s entertaining and interesting.”

We also interviewed a few freshman boys who like The Flash and Arrow, such as Michael Campoverde and Tony Utan. Stephanie Ross, another sophomore, said she likes to watch the show One Tree Hill  “because it’s engaging” along with another junior, Arianna Young who also claimed she liked One Tree Hill because “my friends forced me to watch it and I ended up really liking it.”

Likewise, junior Lauren Steidle thought the same and said “One Tree Hill, because they incorporate real issues into the show and I think that’s really interesting.”

However, we found out not everyone watches Netflix when we interviewed a Junior, Jessica Sanzo who stated, “I don’t have Netflix, although I like the show Backstage. It’s about dancers.”

There are some students who think other shows are worth watching.

Freshman George Losch stated he enjoys to watch Marco Polo.

Julia Morrone, another freshman, said she loves to watch Gilmore Girls.

Daniel Chi, a freshman stated he loved the movie The Admiral because “it’s intense and a very historical yet epic movie and it’s about history that we don’t learn here in the US which adds more excitement.”

We also interviewed seniors Samantha McElroy and Sarah Tufts who said they love watching Stranger Things because it’s mysterious and the characters and plot just interest them.

Two other seniors, Samuel Ashbury and Lee Taveras, enjoy watching How I Met Your Mother because it’s “relatable” and “realistically problematic.”

Students are not the only ones who binge watch shows on Netflix. Recently, we’ve interviewed teachers who work here at HHS to find out what their binge worthy shows are.

Ms. Durso, who teaches AP World History, claimed that the best show to watch on Netflix is The Office because “it’s funny and it is a something you can have on in the background while you’re doing work.” She also stated that it is “something that keeps the environment happy” which is very true.

AP Literature and Composition teacher Mr. Zisa and he said the program Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is his favorite show because “it’s hilarious, well written and uncomfortably real.” He also claimed that it’s the “most unshameful feminist thing I have watched in a long time.”

A Chemistry teacher, Mr. Rosenthal had more of a science based answer where he said his favorite show was Good Eats because “it explains the science about cooking.”

Mrs. Ferrante, who teaches Biology, claimed that The Walking Dead was her favorite show because “all of the seasons were there so I was able to catch up.”

Lastly, Ms. Krueger, who teaches AP Language, had a very thorough answer where she claimed that Breaking Bad and Orange is the New Black are both her favorite shows. She thinks they were “so well done and intelligent”. Also she “loves how books turn into shows and twists the understandings of the characters, along with the interaction of the characters.”

All in all, no matter what their interests or their age, people love to binge watch. There’s something about sitting down to watch a show and never having to stop that really appeals to people.

Could it be that they won’t have to wait to find out what happened? Or do they just enjoy the pure fact that they now have an acceptable excuse to lay in bed all day? Whatever the case is, Netflix originals like Stranger Things, and classics like One Tree Hill, and How I Met Your Mother continue to grace the screens of Netflix junkies.

CHECK THIS OUT! The Walking Dead

TWD1 By Skylar Werner

The famous show, The Walking Dead, is based on the independent comic by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It is known as one of the most-watched cable series of all time, pulling in 19.9 million viewers. And fans come together to talk about this one show every Sunday night on Twitter and a post episode panel show called Talking Dead.

This drama is about a police officer, Rick Grimes, who wakes up from a coma to the world falling apart. Once Rick reunites with his family and other survivors, they all go on the move to find a safe and secure home. However, with zombies everywhere, each day gets harder and harder to stay alive. Also, the group soon starts to realize that other survivors in the world are often a bigger threat to them.

The Walking Dead has the best special effects a show can have. Their sound, background, and performances has continually kept fans in awe. It just amazes me how they do it! Once you start checking out this show, you cannot stop watching. The Walking Dead is addicting to everyone and I recommend it to anyone in their teens or older. Who knows? It might become your new favorite show.


TWD2  By Gwyneth Moodie


Everyone should watch The Walking Dead because it is a very interesting show. The plot for the show is so well thought out and it always keeps its viewers on edge. You never know what’s going to happen next, and that’s what makes it so exciting.

Also, the writers of the show aren’t afraid to get rid of main characters, so you never know who’s going to die and who’s going to be on the next episode. This is the only show that I will watch no matter how many seasons it has; that’s how well written it is.

Not only does the show inspire you to wonder how you would survive out in the wild, it also challenges you to consider when to trust people. The show teaches a lot of life lessons and skills.

More people at HHS should watch because it is a very good show. You get really attached to the characters, so it’s really heartbreaking when your favorite character either gets injured or dies. The Walking Dead is very well written and it’s one of the best shows out today.